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Q: How much advance notice do you need in order to book a wedding?
I try to be as flexible as possible and have been called upon with as little as two hours notice. For prime wedding months (May-September), I would recommend contacting me about 6 months in advance if possible.

Q: Where do you perform your services?
I can officiate weddings all over Ohio – backyards, beaches, parks as well as your living room with your family and dog (I have performed the latter one several times), the location is up to the couple.


Q: Why should I choose you instead of another wedding officiant?
As your Officiant I strive to make sure that the process is smooth, customized for the couple and as stress-free as possible.

Q: Do you need a deposit?
I do require a deposit along with a short, one-page agreement, to confirm and hold your date. The balance of the payment must be paid prior to beginning the wedding ceremony.

Q: How long is a typical ceremony?
The details of your ceremony will determine the length. Typically, it can last about 15 – 25 minutes.

Q: What do I need to bring to the wedding ceremony?
The most important thing to bring is your wedding license. I will fill out my portion and sign it at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Q: Do we pick from several different ceremony templates and you just insert our names?
I believe that everyone is different and the love that brought you together is unique.  We start by talking over the phone and, if possible, we meet in person so that I can find out more about you as a couple.  From there, we go through some ideas together and form a customized ceremony.

Q: What do you wear?
I can dress in any way that you like, I'm flexible. Typically, it will be business casual unless otherwise specified.  Most couples do not request that I wear my Minister's Gown.

Q: Do you only do religious ceremonies?

No, I am open to perform any ceremony of any faith, and non-denominational as well.

Q: Who writes our vows?
Because this is your ceremony it is totally up to the couple. I can create the traditional vows but to make it more personal it helps when the couple include some words to personalize your wedding experience.  I always try to provide the couple with a draft prior to the ceremony for approval and for adjustments to be made.

Q: Where are you legally able solemnize marriages?
I am authorized to solemnize marriages in Ohio, as long as the couple has a valid marriage license.

Q: When can we get a copy of our official marriage license?
A “recorded” copy of your marriage license is generally available FROM THE PROBATE COURT about 2 weeks after your wedding. Some courts automatically send you a copy once it’s been filed, others require you to request a recorded copy. To get yours from Cuyahoga County Probate Court, you can either go in person or make your request by mail. Further information is available on Cuyahoga County Probate Court website.


Any questions that were not answered above feel free to ask me ask by email or phone.


Frequently Asked Questions
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